Our kennel is based on the premise that when you reserve your puppy, please visit our kennel and face puppies and their parent except for special situation.
If you can’t visit us, we answer your questions and hear your requests and so on by e-mail or on the phone before your reservation.

Please contact us in advance of your visit.

About access, see more details

The deposit is 50,000 JPY.
When we confirm your deposit, your reservation is completed.

In case dog doesn’t give birth or newborn puppy doesn’t fit your request, please rest assured that you have 2 choices; getting a refund or waiting until next birth.

Puppy’s reservation is on a first-come-first served basis.

【Bank details for remittance】

Bank: Kitaiseueno shinkin bank

Branch: Ayamacho branch
Account: Futsuu)71174
Account name: Motoko Land Ltd.

If you can’t read Japanese, please copy information as below.


After confirming the payment of balance (cash or credit card), we provide you puppy. Please visit our kennel to pick him/her up. Or we provide him/her by land or air.

You can pick up your puppy after 60 days of life.
As our rule, we provide your puppy who is received the first combination vaccine (2 kinds).
If you would like to have well-trained puppy, he/she can get in “puppy camping” before living together.
We recommend new owners to have puppy after 100 days of life rather than 60 days.