Parents dogs and our kennel


Greg ♂

Greg was imported from our old friend who is a breeder in Belgium. He is very gentlemanly and calm like “Leo” and “Daimyo”.

His wooly coat became his trademark before 1 year old and it is so gorgeous. And his head and body size are robust like mature dogs. He is a precocious boy.

Improved his calm and cool character, he understands our thoughts without our instructions and behave well.

Leo ♂

Leo is “Teddy’s” son. As you can see from the picture, he looks just like his father. He was imported by Germany. His coat is long and a little bit waved. Its color is deep red brown.
Before 1 year old, he has already been very gentlemanly, quiet and cool. Because of his handsome face, he always looks cool.
He has a favorable balance of height and length and he is strong boned. Because he is not only big but well-balanced, he has a presence.

Liza ♀

“Liza” is a daughter of Elsa and Greg. Her birthday is close to Sandy’s, so they have grown up together since they were little. They are sisters with different mothers and very good friends. They both are cheerful.
She is as calm, submissive and kind as Elsa in our kennel. She spends with Spanish Mastiff at staff room.

Sandy ♀

“Sandy” who is a daughter of Indy and Greg is cheerful and live happily. She is very submissive and clever.
She grew wider when she became 2 years old. She is good girl not to jump on.

Indy ♀

“Indy” was born in Belgium where Greg’s hometown is also. She is tall and wooly. She is the same height and almost the same weight, 50kg, as Greg. She is friendly and cheerful.

Spanish Mastiff

Porthos ♂

He is the second-generation Spanish Mastiff “Porthos” at our kennel. He came from Czech Republic by air. He is afraid of strangers at first, but he behaves like a baby when he gets used to. His slowly movement which is characteristic of large dog is adorable. Skin of around neck gets abundant and he becomes more dignified. Every time female dogs are in estrus, he loses his appetite. So he is looking forward to meeting his partner soon.

Gordon ♂

こThis Spanish Mastiff in the picture is the first boy in our kennel and the first Spanish Mastiff came to Japan. It means that he is the first Spanish Mastiff who was given the approval in Japan.
He is very very calm and too slow to react. He isn’t as agile as common dogs are and is very relaxed. But Gordon is as cleanly as every Spanish Mastiff is. He doesn’t like fight, never shows a disgusting looks on his face and is always deliberate. His presence is No.1 among all large dogs in our kennel.

Abbie ♀

“Abbie” is fourth-generation Spanish Mastiff. She was born in Italy and came to Japan via United States. She was raised by the same American Spanish Mastiff’s breeder as Yuma. So “Abbie” and “Yuma” have lived together in the United States. We didn’t import them at the same time, but when they saw each other again at our kennel, they looked so happy.
Abbie isn’t social like Yuma, but she behaves like a baby. And she is very calm and doesn’t jump on. Her body size is as large as Yuma. Comparing Yuma, Abbie is more “Spanish Mastiffy”.

Yuma ♀

“Yuma” is the third-generation Spanish Mastiff. She was born in Spain and came to Japan via the United States. Her characteristic is height and she is taller than Avila. She is the largest Spanish Mastiff we’ve ever raised at our kennel.
She doesn’t slobber and is tender. She is very cheerful and social, so she became friends with other dogs soon.
She was raised with Abbie like a real sister in the United States, so they like each other. On the New Year’s day of 2013, she first gave birth to 17 babies. Their father is Porthos.

Our Kennel

Kennel House 3

This kennel is only for large dogs. There are private rooms inside. Outside, there are kennels with
playground which are separated into 6 rooms. There is another playground where large dogs can run everywhere.

Maternity Room for large dogs

These maternity rooms are for large dogs. There is a playground for rainy day in front and it leads sandy playground. The floor is heated by electric heaters and the width is three-mat room per 1 room.
We have 3 maternity rooms like this.


In consideration of types of dogs, sex, age and character, we have various kinds of playgrounds. Our
dogs live freely under the gentle sunshine, feeling with all seasons. We believe that this situation brings up well-natured dogs.

Guest Room

This is the room for visitors. We set tables and chairs both inside and outside for visitors to meet parents dogs and puppies.

Events for our owners and Parking place

We have parking place and we also hold events for our owners there.

Office room, Staff room and Bathroom for visitors

We usually receive phone calls and check e-mails from our owners at office room.
Staff room is eight-mat room and there is a sink, a TV, a microwave, a refrigerator, snacks and drinks in this room. When a dog gives birth at night, we stand by here and also we sometimes have dinner party.
Bathroom which has a skylight is clean and separated by sex.

Dog park

Dog park is placed in a bright space. And also there is a cool space, so dogs can play freely under the shade of trees. We open this place for our owners and dogs, so please feel free to come.

Memorial monument

We have a cinerarium for our owners who let their dogs rest forever at “hometown”. Please ask us for details.
Showing our appreciation for our dogs who gave us plenty of joy, we built memorial monument. In spring and autumn, we hold a memorial service.
“Rest in peace with friends” Shokaku-ji