When you visit Masaki Collection, our kennel, we have one-on-one talks with you in “guest room”. We talk about
what kind of dog you request and listen to your worries. And also, we give advices for each of you based on your
family composition, life style, experience with having dog and housing environment.
While facing with puppy that you request and their parent dogs, we explain the details. You are free to take
pictures of dogs.
We spend about 2 hours for the whole meeting, so we’re sure that you enjoy your visit
New owners come from all over Japan and we’re looking forward to seeing you!

Open hours for call (AM9:00‾PM9:00)
After PM7:00, please call to 090-4306-5505
Open hours for visiting (AM9:00‾PM4:00)
TEL: 0595-42-1161
FAX: 0595-42-1171

When you visit us【By train】

*We pick you up at station, please tell us station name and arrival time in advance.

Kusatsu line (JR West) / TERASHO・・・There is only one ticket gate.

Kansai Honsen (JR West) / SHINDO ・・・ Please wait near the bicycle-shed at the South gate.

*When you click the above station name, they are linked to “Odekake-net” by JR West. You can check your train
route by JR West on their Web-site.
*If you would like to check a transfer station or the time from your station except by JR line or JR West, please
refer to transit information of “YAHOO! JAPAN”.

How long does it take?
From TOKYO → 4.5 hours via KYOTO by bullet train (Shinkansen)
OSAKA (by rapid) → about 100 minutes via KUSATSU
KYOTO (by rapid) → about 60 minutes via KUSATSU
NAGOYA → about 150 minutes
NARA → about 130 minutes

【By car】


It takes 10 minutes from “MIBUNO IC (AYAMA・SHIGARAKI)” of MEIHAN Expressway. From Mibuno IC, you just
go straight until you see the traffic signal “TAMATAKI”. Then please turn left. You can see Masaki Collection soon.
There is roadside station “AYAMA” on the way to our kennel. Also, our kennel is located near Japan Classic
Country Club.
It takes 10 minutes from “KONAN IC” of SHIN-MEISHIN Expressway.
*Please don’t enter KONAN PA, because you can’t exit.
Please refer to “MEIHAN Expressway traffic information by Chubu Regional Bureau of Ministry of Land,
Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism *You can check the current road condition by Web camera.
How long does it take?
OSAKA → about 90 minutes
NAGOYA → about 90 minutes
TOKYO → about 6 hours