Owners Support

As our policy, we support owners and their dogs for life after starting their new life.
We always welcome various questions from owners, for example, about training, timing of changing the
food, exercise, disease and health care and so on. Our correct and prompt advice makes your dog’s life
We are proud of our support based on our great deal of experiences.
We also give advice to specific questions in details.
For example, owners ask about
・What kind of veterinarians are good for our dog?
・What are large dog’s characters that veterinarians don’t know much?
・What is your recommend way of receiving vaccine?
・When is the best time to start playing at the park?
・What should we do when our dog eats has no appetite?

We try our best to be satisfied with our owners and hear their voices that “He/She is a good boy/girl”
and “He/She is a treasured member of our family.”
In some cases, owners can visit our kennel with their dogs and feel free to loose them in our dog park.
We explain how to care new puppy before living with him/her.
The way of caring is different from each family. So we have one-on-one talks with each new owner and
give advice about supplies and how to care.
If you are concerned about the way of using yard and remodeling exterior and rooms, we provide
advices as far as we know. So please don’t hesitate to ask us.
Most our owners contact us by E-mail or phone, but we also welcome to visit our kennel.
E-mail: available 24 hours
Phone: AM 9:00 ‾ PM 10:00
Please feel free to contact us at any time!

Frequently asked questions

・Eating less food
・Pulling leash
・Hard to stop chewing
・Potty training problems
・Recommend good toys
・Looks overheated
・Getting used to being scolded
・having a good relationship with other dogs
・Timing of increasing volume of the food
・Proper amount of taking a walk
・Can’t teach “Stay”, “Down” and “Sit”.
・Is there any difference of large dog’s training?
・about diarrhea and vomiting
・What kind of supplies do we need for caring?
・We already have a dog and is it possible to live with new dog together?
・How to take care when we are away from home for a long time?
・It is the first time to live with a large dog. Is it possible to have for beginner?
・Do we have to take a walk every day?