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President, Masaki Inoue
We don’t think that dog show is important. Because it isn’t dogs worth that participate in or win a dog show.
We aim to breed and train our dogs to be your best partner in your life.
Also, as a dog breeder, our goal isn’t to have babies and breed.
We think that every dog isn’t the same and our owners’ living environment and dog’s experiment are different. So
we always give our advices by our “Owners Support” individually. We hope that all our dog owners live happily
with their dog.

Discipline and performance are different.
“Stay”, “Down”, and “Sit” are introduced by dog magazines, books or TV a lot, but please wait a moment to think
about “Do you really need to train these performances to your dog?” Discipline is for owners to live comfortable
with your dog.
For example; Train your dog to keep calm when you brush, stop jumping to people and raise a friendly dog to
other people and dogs. This is “the discipline”.

There are a lot of things we would like to tell and we tell our owners what they really need to know in earnest; they
may not be only kind-words.
We really understand what our owners would like to know.
We think that it is the dog breeder that support owners needs and it is our existence value because our owners
are satisfied with it.

So, we, as the place of our dog’s hometown, are very happy to hear owners’ voices that “we love our dog”. Please
don’t hesitate to express your love and joy toward your dog tremendously.

We have a lot of pleasure messages from our owners who didn’t like dogs very much at first.
We hope to spread their joyful experiences to many people in Japan.

At the end, it is our mission to improve dog owner’s manner. Because we think that top dog breeders should take
initiative and act.
In dog breeder’s field, being given births by breeders is the beginning. Breeders are the starting point of dog food
makers, veterinary hospitals, trimmers and trainers.

Breeders provide dogs to owners at first, so we, as a specialist, have mission to teach manners to live a
wonderful dog life.
Owners need to understand the feeling of people who don’t live with dogs.

It is our happiest thing that all our dog owners enjoy walking with their dogs in the city and fill with joy by their dogs’

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